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President's Corner

What sets our Airstream Club apart from any other is our history, our capable willing member volunteers and our shared love of our Airstreams. These qualities allow us to offer experiences not available elsewhere. We proudly belong to a Club rich in lore and in volunteers who’ve done their very best. We all work together to provide EXPERIENCES for our members - those experiences become special memories of fun, friendship and adventure anywhere the roads may take us in our Airstreams. Without volunteers at every level of the Club helping to create those memories, there is no Club.

The Club’s purpose is serving our members. It might be gathering with friends on the weekend, trekking to Alaska or the Keys, watching balloons lifting over your Airstreams, sitting spellbound by some of the world’s best storytellers, listening to Bluegrass music in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains or riding into Bryce Canyon on a mule. Airstreams are the perfect vehicles for getting there and enjoying our stays.

Young, not-as-young, singles, families, weekenders, most-timers and full-timers, the Club offers unparalleled experiences to Airstreamers. The Club is in the business of supporting members in their search for their own best experiences. Our Club provides opportunities for members to explore and exceed their own expectations for experiences on this continent and others. Join me in living the dream with your Airstreams.

How can we continue improving our great Club? I offer you three key areas for our attention this year.

1) Members are our Customers. We will work together to think and act like a member service organization and we’ll listen to members and act upon their concerns and inspirations.

2) Promote our best Image by actively improving the quality, feel, timeliness and consistency of publications and striving to align the club’s publications, internet presence and other media to promote One Engaging Club.

3) Experiences are Our Product. We’ll direct our Club’s rally planning committee to increase the appeal and effectiveness
of the Club’s International Rally, and we’ll track and actively support growth of and participation in, Events and Caravans like those in enticing pictures on the cover of this magazine. On every level of the Club, we’ll support units in any way possible as they work to make life more fun for members.

We have the best RV in the world, AND we belong to the best RV Club in the world, a club rich in caring with interesting people, a great heritage and even greater potential. Wally said, “In the heart of these words is an entire life’s dream … my dream belongs to you.

• Live the dream of placing the great wide world at your doorstep.
• Live the dream by opening a whole world of new experiences… a new dimension in enjoyment where travel adventure and good fellowship are your constant companions.
• Live the dream by encouraging clubs and rallies that provide an endless source of friendships, travel fun and personal expressions.

We’re all in this together. Members are the strength of our club. We all must help. I pledge to listen and lead. I respectfully ask our International Board of Trustees to join together in making our Club more member-driven, positively imaged, and in conspicuously improving our most important products, fun, adventure and friendship. Together we will make the club better every day. Thank you for honoring me with the office of President of our club as we all LIVE THE DREAM.